Dont Get Burned By Ordering the Tshellz!

Beware of T-Shellz Scam!

MendMeShop is selling a Cheap chinese heating pad making false claims

Alibaba Tshellz Wrap

TShellz are known as ThermoWrap

The Chinese heating pad can be seen on Alibaba, sold for about $15-20/pc

ThermoWrap Heating Pad

TShellz Bought From China

MendMeShop buys them from China and ships them into the United States then changes the label and the instructions to fool you. What they do is against the law as well.

ThermoWrap Heating Pad

The TShellz device can be dangerous. If covered up and turned on it can get hot enough to catch on fire. MendMeShop were notified of this and they should have reported this to the FDA but they did not. The product cannot be sold in China because it would not even pass the Chinese FDA requirements

Burnt TShellz
Burnt TShellz

KingBrand vs Tshellz2

KingBrand vs TShellz

MendMeShop used to sell King Brand BFST devices under the Inferno Brand but when they lost the product line they started selling a cheap Chinese heating pad in its place. (before and after shots of their content) The information they talk about on their website was largely developed to talk about the legitimate King Brand Products. When they lost the product line they kept the information but just started selling a cheap Chinese heating pad in its place.

King Brand Products are made in the USA (Bellingham, Washington). They have been in development for over 10 years and have over $1,000,000 in R&D activities put into making truly great products. King Brand Medical devices are made in the USA and the R&D was performed in Canada and the R&D efforts filed were filed with the Canadian Government. Mendmeshop didn't develop anything. They just buy, lie and sell a cheap Chinese heating pad they found on alibaba.

Link to site with King Brand Products Dec 30, 2017
Link to site with TShellz Aug 28, 2018

KingBrand vs Tshellz
FDA False Registration

FDA False Registered

MendMeShop says on their website that they manufacture the product but they do not. They did not develop the product. Their registration is just as a Foreign Exporter which is different than registering as the developer or the designer or the manufacturer. To do their registration all they had to do was fill out a form. There is no inspection process no checking the products or the engineering or the manufacturing. Nothing.

FDA False Registration

FDA False Registered 2

The partner company in PA is only registered as an Importer, not a manufacturer. BY LAW an initial importer is not allowed to change labeling and instructions and spedifications. In fact it is their responsibility to make sure that does not happen and that the people marketing to Americans are not misleading the public. They do the opposite. Deneen Express mail breaks more laws than any party involved!

Black Pearl

MendMeShop Location

MendMeShop is run out of the back of this pawn shop / consignment / used furniture store.

TShellz Heating Pad

It's Just A Heating Pad

The product does not emit Electro Magnetic Radiation any more than a cheap heating pad does. The pitch is a scam.

TShellz Heating Pad

Owners of MendMeShop

The people behind the scam are named Darren Cole (Picture of Darren) in Ontario, Canada and his sister Deneen Eutsy in Pennsylvania, USA

KingBrand vs Tshellz

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